Join the Systemize Your Service Challenge

In this 3 day challenge, we are going to break down the steps to getting started in systemizing your service based business. 


Day 1: Lead Gen and Simple Sales

Day one is ALL about how Clients come to you. We are going to take a look at how to streamline your inquiries, what to do with them, how to get MORE of them, and also the gold in the follow-up.


Day 2: Elevate Your Onboarding & Offboarding

Your onboarding and offboarding system can make or break your client experience. As a Dubsado builder, I have helped creatives integrate streamlined workflows for their onboarding so it’s a cakewalk to get paid, AND deliver their services. 


Day 3: Become a Time Wizard

As a Service Pro, you wear a lot of hats. The most important one? Your CEO hat. In Day 3 we are going to break down what you should ACTUALLY be spending time on, and how you can simplify your task management with a project management tool. Let’s keep it simple man and make sure your most important tasks aren’t falling through the cracks.