Guest Coaching & Speaking

If you have a group coaching program, speaking event, Facebook group, or podcast that you want guest speakers for – I’d love to help.

Here’s the deal: What I do (and my genius zone) compliments SO many incredible programs that are already out there. I have 0 desire to build a course or group program right now myself, but I recognize that what I have to share and the simplicity that I bring to building systems that scale is NEEDED so much in the online industry today.

I am all for making real connections and collaborations, plus I love promoting other amazing programs that really bring incredible value to people that are making MASSIVE impact in the online world right now.

I keep it simple, and have a knack for helping students to break big things into small chunks and streamline things so that they can really focus on what is most important.

I’m as straight up as they come and my mission is sharing my knowledge and helping to make a difference in other’s lives.

As a busy mama to two littles, business owner, and AVID coffee addict (margs too let’s be real) I can help simplify the learning curve. I specialize in the CLIENT EXPERIENCE and Customer Journey. My favorite tools are ClickUp and Dubsado and ActiveCampaign – But only if they are all working together! 

The blend of practical and spiritual is where I excel – Being the CEO in your life is about doing LESS – and that can mean improving your day to day systems OR expanding your BEING to match your desires. I blend the two for simple, tangible advice that students and your audience can digest and implement immediately.

Here are the things that I can teach/share more about (that light me WAYYY up):

  • Putting on your CEO Pants (and why you need to asap)
  • The NO BULLSHIT System to $10K Months (from someone who was BAD at Marketing!)
  • Dubsado Set Up, Workflow, and Automation
  • Clickup for Service Providers – What managing tasks & a team looks like behind the veil
  • Understanding where you bottleneck your cashflows MOST
  • Sales & Lead Generation strategies to scale simply
  • Simplifying your business systems and processes (including lead gen for more leads!)
  • Energy Management and Time management for more peace and freedom
  • Client Experience – Onboarding & offboarding for more $$ and time

What I bring to the table:

  • 8+ Years of Entrepreneurship and hard knocks lessons from life
  • A level of resilience that is next level – AND a perspective of productivity when life is CRAZY (2 kids, moving pieces, Starting in a pandemic, and managing mental health (Depression & Anxiety) regularly)
  • Joy in sharing OTHER people’s programs from the rooftops (and a platform to do it on!) so that I can share your program with my audience
  • A team of fabulous systems people to help your students and audience implement (by answering questions AND DFY services available as well)
  • Collaboration and support to YOU – including streamlining your own business systems for your course/program as well

Guest Speaking/Coaching availability dependent upon calendar availability and the season. Cost of speaking engagement varies based on requirements of the engagement.

Podcast and Free Facebook Group speaking is free and limited availability!

If you want more information about having me on as a guest speaker/ guest coach, please  drop me a DM on IG/FB, OR email with the subject line “Guest Speaker Request” or “Guest Coach Opportunity” and your name and I’d love to chat more about how I can help!

    Or click here to book a call with me ASAP