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You’ve heard of Dubsado, and maybe have even been using it, but you are still not totally sure how it all really works.

Then people have been talking about this clickup thing… that’s a WHOLE otha project in itself.

You may even be manually sending out custom invoices and contracts still. You don’t know which projects are in what stage, and have a ROUGH paper trail and map about who needs to touch what, and where things are at.

Basically: You could be more efficient and make more money, but you are BURIED under the execution of it all, and can’t fathom hiring more people because you would end up probably just doing things yourself.

I GET IT: AND I’ve been there too. 

Dubsado is an all in one tool to streamline and manage your client experience, onboarding, and projects for your service based business. With the most amount of automation available on the market, and a fully customizable suite of tools (including calendar scheduling, invoicing, contract signing, and information/form gathering), Dubsado can save you HOURS of time in your business.

All with just one or two clicks inside a project.

No more manual sending. No more remembering when or how to invoice clients.

And because of what it does, you save on 5+ subscriptions in your business, saving you time & money.

Even if you have a more complex business model (with lots of moving parts), we can simplify your processes so that you are saving more time than you are wasting (even with custom proposals;)

I’m Sam – And I set up SIMPLE systems for service based businesses.

I keep it simple and help you to streamlining and set up the tools that not only save you more time, but really gives your clients an incredible user experience when they work with you as well.

The DFY process


Simplify – Here we map out the strategy and break down the pieces that we need into bite sized chunks. This happens on our 60 min project intro call with me and you walk away with your grocery list of ingredients to get back to me (don’t worry, I make it SIMPLE AF)


Construction – I build the system for you. If you are brand new, it’s from scratch and built entirely around YOUR sales process, service process, and your ideal day schedule too! – If you’ve been using Dubsado or ClickUp for a while, we do some BIG closet cleaning, and make any alterations necessary to match your newly upleveled systems.


Fitting & Break In Support – Just like a great pair of jeans, every system needs some time to be tried on, break in that fade and wear in really nicely. So that’s what happens next. I train you (and your team) through the whole system, including video tutorials, written SOPs, and live training for you and your team to be able to use the system and feel comfortable with it. On-going support is available and check in/alteration calls are available to you after the set-up is complete.

What Past Clients have to say about it…

At first, I was negative thinking when going in and as soon as I heard Samantha’s voice, it changed. I knew what I needed to focus on the most and understand better in order to succeed. I tried to offer too much to my clients and most were things I did NOT enjoy at all. Starting with just ONE thing is the biggest takeaway that I had. I knew my product would solve people’s problems, but I didn’t know how to position myself. Samantha helped me and gave clarity on how to offer it out in the world and the services I offer.

Ashley Havecker
The Virtual Momma

Sam knows her stuff when it comes to optimizing and creating efficiency in day to day business tasks. Working with her has allowed me to save so much time and energy… therefore creating so much more freedom in my life and business. Not only that, she is one of the sweetest, kindest people I know and truly CARES about the outcome of her clients. Thank you Sam for knowing what you’re doing and caring about results. Setting systems up in your business is a learning curve up front but so worth it when you’re done. Sam is there to support you the whole way.


Ashley Rainsbarger

The Mindful Coach (IG @themindfulbizcoach)

I was really lacking in procedures, systems, and structure on the backend of my business. I thought I had a solid plan, but it turned out I needed help! I was overwhelmed trying to do everything myself! But then realized I needed someone with a fresh perspective to help me with my business. Samantha was super helpful! She was patient with me – and all of my disorganization. She pulled information out of me that I didn’t realize was crucial to my business succeeding. And helped me realize what actually might be holding me back. After we implemented some stand operating procedures and workflows, I got laser-focused on what my next moves should be. I highly recommend Samantha’s eye for your business as she asked all of the right questions – without judgment of processes or lack thereof. She was open to creative solutions and adapting to my business’s needs.


Krystal Proffitt
Podcaster, Author, and Business Owner

Who I work with

  • Copywriters
  • Marketing agencies
  • VA's (and agencies) & OBM's
  • Coaches
  • Digital Entrepreneurs
  • Content Creators
  • Contractors & Builders
  • Event/Wedding Planners
  • Designers & Developers (Web, Graphic, Interior, Landscapers, Etc)
  • Realtors
  • Lawyers
  • Social Media Managers
  • Anyone that serves others and is ambitiously growing to an expanded level (whatever that looks like for you!

Who is NOT a good fit for dfy:

  • If you don't know what you sell, who you serve, or what you do
  • You have been serving clients but haven't nailed that DREAM client yet.
  • Large Corporations (and large teams - 20+)
  • In person, product based businesses
  • E-commerce businesses (This is a WHOLE other level of automation - I will leave it to the pros)
  • Sales people needing a larger CRM to track thousands of leads at a time


I’m all for transparency, so if you are just looking for a number: It’s not me fam.

FULL Set Ups and Builds/Automation DFY start around $2000, and vary greatly depending on the size of the organization, automation/workflow needs, and the operations processes that you require. Not to mention, I’m not just diving into 1 system –> I connect ALL your systems on the backend so you know that your systems are operating EFFICIENTLY and TOGETHER. So I’m doing the FULL workout, not just squats. If you have been using Dubsado, ClickUp, or ANY Tech for a WHILE, we have Refinement packages as well, but keep in mind: a kitchen remodel can be big OR small – Just depends on your goals!

In order to better quote you and your needs, book a fitting call with us so we can best understand the full scope of your specific needs!

If you are just wanting some rough ideas as to what it would look like, you can download our pricing guide below!

Not sure which one?

 Book a 15 minute consult to see which shoe fits best

Download Our Pricing Guide for More Details and Examples of our Work!


How Long Does it take?
Our Dubsado setup/implementation process usually takes 4 TOTAL weeks ish. Most of our clients book their planning/strategy call within a week of signing up to work with us. Then, you’ve got homework (which is as long as you take it!)

Then, the setup and testing is usually completed within 1-2 weeks of receiving the info outlined on our planning/strategy call. After our training call, you have 30 days of tech support (and can add on as necessary!)

I already use Dubsado, but I know I'm not using it to it's full capability - can you help?
Definitely – We will walk through what you already have going on and make a simple strategic game plan to simplify what’s there, identify what’s missing and fill in the gaps. Most of the time, you are just needing some simple tweaks, and some connecting the back end dots!
Can you connect (integrate) Dubsado with other tools in my business?
Absolutely! In fact this is KEY to really automating and simplifying your overall business structure.

We can connect Dubado to some tools natively (Zoom, Quickbooks, Xero, Google Calendar, etc.) OR we can talk about your needs beyond this to streamline your workflows.

I am extremely familiar with using Zapier to connect Dubsado to email marketing tools like ActiveCampaign/ConvertKit as well as project management tools like Clickup & Asana

What's Communication Like During the Project?
Communication is KEY: I can’t help what I don’t know and if you don’t like something speak up! You’ll have direct access via Slack to me and my team M-F.
We don’t work weekends (not usually!)

You can expect a response from me OR my team within 24 hours, and if there is a changes to be made in the system after a call, I will let you know a reasonable time frame.

Also: I am HUMAN! I promise you  I will make a mistake last some point – but I will make sure to do everything that i can to make it right!

How will I know how to use the systems?
My goal is to make myself dispensable in your organization and to support you all to take the reigns, not continue to eat out of my hand for information.

You’ll walk away from the project with ALL your processes documented in SOPs, a training call with me walking you through everything, AND a vault of videos to support you on your systems quest.

I am CONSTANTLY creating new training materials and more things on the tech that we use – Thus, I have a BANK of tutorial videos for your disposal at any time as a client. Can’t find something? ASK AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE (or be pointed in the right direction;)