Being too busy for life is bullshit.

Hey, I’m Sam – and I keep it pretty simple around here.

My mom jokes that this whole organizing things began when I was 3 years old inside the tupperware cabinet – But over the last 8 years, I have crafted it and continued to learn about systems, sales, and business to build my own organization.

I started in entrepreneurship at a young age (yep, lemonade stands and all) and at my previous job, they didn’t know what to do with me – I kept trying to do things better/faster/more-without-me-present. I fell in love more with simplifying the processes than I did with actually selling the products (although sales is a second love for me -first is coffee;) 

I started helping other people do that too – To be able to step away from their business so that they could have more FUN and also to cut out the BS in their business so that the things they WERE focused on had a massive impact.

Meanwhile, my self-care, family time, and sense of peace went completely out the window. From the time my son was born, I wanted to be able to work from anywhere and to “work from my bed” – My family still jokes about it.

I KNEW there was a better way, and it inspired me to help other coaches and creatives to do the same – which led me to start Purposefully Productive.

We weren’t put on this earth to be too busy. We WERE made for a purpose, and I fully believe that we are meant to step into that purpose FULLY – without barriers and without doubt that we can make it happen.

Life is too short.

And that’s where the productive part comes in. We waste SO much time in life and business on things that aren’t intentionally important to our goals and values. Which makes me sad. So I am on a mission to save people time and cut the BS out of the “shoulds” in the business world.
I focus on smoothing out the line of success and serving up simple and scalable strategies to help you get there.
There is no time like the present – And life’s too short, so let’s get to it.


3 Tips to Operating your Service Based Business More Efficiently

Running a service based business efficiently can be challenging, but simplifying and delegate so your time is being leveraged, you can scale your service based business to a million and beyond. I’m here to help you operate your service based business more efficiently and keep it simple- so let’s dive in.

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